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Disbursement since inception are approximately R8 billion for FYE 31 March 2021. The Programme has breathed new life into South Africa’s clothing, footwear, leather, leather goods and textiles industries.

From teetering on the edge of collapse, South Africa’s clothing and textiles industry is today able to compete toe to toe with competitors around the globe. This is thanks to the incentive scheme’s funding that has helped companies revitalise their operations, reinvigorate their employees and reinvest in production machinery.

"Weaving growth into the community"


The Industrial Development Corporation is proud to have been tasked with implementing and developing the CTFLGP. As government’s developmental finance institution, we possess more than seven decades of experience in developing industries, assessing requests and disbursing funds in ways that deliver real results.

Our rigorous processes ensure that funds are applied correctly, which is backed by non-financial input to help companies access markets and improve operational efficiencies. Our industry and subject-matter experts work hand-in-hand with funding recipients to help grow their business.


The swift intervention by the Department of Trade, Industry & Competition illustrates the value of proactive, progressive programmes that address the root of the problem. Decades of under-investment have been replaced by a new era focused on transformation, sustainability of businesses, job creation / saving and competitiveness improvement.